What We Do Transportation Management

The logistics of managing a complicated set of transportation requirements can be difficult to plan. Sometimes multiple carriers, organizations or third parties need to be involved and coordinated to make your shipment a success. Planes Specialized Logistics will help you select the best mode of transportation without sacrificing service flexibility, dependability, or quality. 

Our transportation management capabilities extend high-quality services around the world. Whether you are looking for a go-to provider for your unusual or difficult shipping needs, or have a one-time freight requirement, Planes offers expertise in transportation management to simplify the process.

At times, the most effective transportation solutions will use a combination of air, ocean and ground transportation. Planes offers services for each of these modes, making us uniquely qualified to create seamless transportation options for your company. Our goal is to always strike the optimal balance of speed and affordability no matter where you need to go. 

Through our expansive global network, we are able to acquire lower rates with trusted partners to procure the best solutions for your company.

Advantages of Transportation Management: 
  • Multi-modal – PVL, TL, LTL, air and ocean
  • Scalable
  • Global coverage
  • A single point of contact
  • Ability to handle volume surges 
  • Asset-based and brokerage service flexibility