What We Do Consolidation / Deconsolidation

While sourcing from several vendors makes economic sense, complexities arise when attempting to balance inventory levels and shipments from multiple origins around the world. Planes Specialized Logistics’ consolidation/deconsolidation services remove any associated issues and allow you to purchase the optimal amount at the ideal time for the best supplier base.

Our consolidation services can aggregate multiple vendor orders into more efficient modes of transportation and address potential shortages or damages before they become an issue. This minimizes the impact to your project’s schedule, decreases expedited freight costs, and reduces the number of carriers that have to be managed at the work site. Acting as your single point of contact, Planes helps eliminate lost economies of scale and lower administrative cost. Captured under a single platform, a wealth of information from all suppliers can be efficiently and proactively monitored.

Benefits include:
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Faster transit time
  • Advanced quality and quantity inspection
  • Proactive problem resolution, risk mitigation
  • Close proximity inventory staging
  • Detailed reporting