Protecting Valuable Assets


Planes Specialized Logistics has been helping clients cost-effectively revolve and renew their technology for more than a decade. A leading refurbished hardware provider, offering data removal, data security, and data refurbishment services, needed an asset recovery logistics partner. With a large volume of shipments, many with data-sensitive assets and specific packing requirements, the company sought a partner with significant inventory coordination and handling expertise.


Many challenges arise for companies looking to dispose of old assets in a secure, organized, lawful and environmentally sound fashion. This hardware provider needed an asset recovery partner with the ability to secure assets in tagged containers, tag and inventory individual assets, ensure specific packing requirements were met across all pickups, and manage the recoveries with a consistent customer experience.


Through a comprehensive process with detailed documentation and thorough communication procedures, Planes helped the client obtain the most value out of their current equipment and recover assets to meet their specific business needs.

Our packing specifications, developed by experts at Planes Specialized Logistics, were uniquely designed to fully protect assets every step of the way. Comprehensive quality and security requirements were developed and rolled out across our network to ensure a consistent customer experience across the United States and internationally.

Over the years we have created customized solutions for our clients’ variable needs. These unique solutions include:

  • Integrated and customized technology for reporting inventories and tracking assets
  • Providing secure, tracking-enabled containers for assets carrying sensitive information
  • Asset tagging and inventory reconciliation
  • Tiered packing and pricing solutions
  • Utilizing properly vetted and trained labor with asset recovery experience

The logistics specialists at Planes have defined an innovative and comprehensive approach to asset recovery. The process includes workflow documentation that details the recovery request for service, guided by an asset recovery module within our order management system and pallet labels.

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